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Tankless Water Heater

Water heaters come in a variety of sizes and types. What size and type you need depends on your location and usage. Commercial and residential water heaters vary due to usage requirements and building codes.

A Standard Tank Water Heater is the most common. This type of water heater uses the most energy because it keeps the water hot at all times so it always available for immediate use.

A Tankless Water Heater is the most energy efficient and typically found in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and around the world. This type of water heater only heats water on demand and thus saves energy.

A High Efficiency Water Heater is the combination of a Standard Tank Water Heater and a Tankless Water Heater. It is more efficient than a Standard Tank Water Heater, but less efficient than a Tankless Water Heater.

Boilers are also used to heat water.

The majority of our customers today want a Tankless Water Heater. Scottish Plumber has installed many. Please note that there are some homes which are not suited for a Tankless Water Heater due to the home’s configuration. Also several Tankless Water Heaters may be needed because of the size of the home. It can be an expensive option. Tankless Water Heaters are usually 3 to 5 times as expensive as a Standard Tank Heater. Tankless Water Heaters need special filters, pumps and venting. They usually cannot be vented into the chimney or flue.

A professional is required for the installation of a water heater as mandated by the State of Illinois. This is due to the gas connection and the possibility of carbon monoxide exposure. Many cities and villages are now requiring a permit to install a water heater. Please call your city or village to find out if you need a permit.

There are many companies and big box stores that send unlicensed technicians to do installations in order to save money. Please ask your water heater installer to see his plumber’s license before he installs your water heater.