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Home Sewer Maintenance

As homeowners we take our sewer system for granted, because typically there is not a problem. Home sewer maintenance is not high on our list.  However, everything we flush down the toilet, dispose of down our kitchen sinks, etc. ends up in the public sewer system.  The responsibility of the homeowner is the proper maintenance of the pipe (often called a house lateral) that leads from our home to the public sewer system.

So we need to be careful about what we dispose of, because it can cause a backup in this house lateral, or pipe that bridges our home to the sewer system.  Unfortunately a minority of people dispose of things down our toilets and garbage disposals that can clog up this house lateral.   As homeowners we need to know that things such as kitty litter, grease, motor oil and coffee grounds can clog up our sewer line.

Most cities have hazardous disposal facilities that you can bring old motor oil to.  You should also bring other harsh chemical substances such as turpentine, paint, anti freeze, or any other heavy duty household solvents to these facilities as well.  Do not flush these compounds down the toilet or kitchen sink. They can damage your pipes and cause clogs as well.

Even some common kitchen by products can cause problems with your sewer drain.  Do not put egg shells or coffee grinds down the disposal. Also, dispose of old grease in garbage bags and not the disposal.  Do not put any thick paper items such as paper towels or diapers down the toilets.

Any of these compounds or materials can clog, damage or even crack the lateral pipe between your home and the main sewer line. This is a very expensive problem to fix and so we should take precaution in what goes down our house drains.

Public sewer problems are often caused by an accumulation of improper materials, by homeowners, into the system which affects its capacity or efficiency.  Let’s all be conscience of our actions.