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Toilet Flushes Poorly

If your toilet always flushes but it empties too poorly,  slowly, or incompletely it is possible the  waste out outlet pipe may be partially blocked.

It’s time to break out the toilet plunger and see if you can remove the blockage with vigorous use of the plunger.  If at first it does not appear to working, keep trying; do not give up too soon.

If you have determined this is not the problem then the issue could be that the amount of water, or volume, in the flush tank is simply too small.  Flush the toilet and check to see where the water level is when the tank is filled up.  It should be within ¼” of the toilet tank fill line which is marked inside the tank.

The issue here could be that the fill tube is accidentally directing some water into the toilet bowl itself instead of the toilet tank.  While the toilet is running check to see if this is happening.

If these two causes are not the reason for the poor toilet flushing then we suggest you call a licensed plumber.  Other causes could be a partly blocked plumbing vent or the toilet may not be properly vented.  Your plumber can determine if these are possible causes.