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Installing a Toilet

Installing a toilet is not super difficult but you need to know the steps and doing it yourself can save you a lot of money. Depending on how quick of a learner you are this task could take a few hours or most of the day. My friend who is an ex-plumber can usually do most toilet installations in a couple of hours, but he’s had lots of experience.

This is the most important information in this article, before purchase your toilet measure the distance from the rearmost bowl hold-down bolts to the wall behind the toilet.The reason you do this is because you don’t want to end up with a toilet that doesn’t fit the space you have in the bathroom for your toilet. Luckily most toilets are designed with a 12″ rough-in, but ask your local hardware store for help if your rough-in is different.

STEP 1: Turn off the toilet’s water supply.

STEP 2: Flush the toilet to empty the tank and then soak up all the water in the bowl or tank with a sponge.

STEP 3: Get an adjustable wrench and  loosen the nut between the toilet and the water supply. Remove the tank held on by two long bolts that are beneath the toilet bowl.

STEP 4: Lift the tank out.

STEP 5: You  will take out the bowl. The bowl is fastened to the floor with two bolts and nuts beneath trim caps. Take off the trim caps and unscrew the nuts. Loosen the bowl by rocking it back and forth to break its seal with the floor and toilet flange. When the bowl is loosened, lift and remove it.

STEP 6: Avoid sewer gases coming into the house. Cover the toilet flange with duct tape or any tape to seal it off temporarily.

You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installing your replacement toilet. They are usually included with the new toilet.