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Clogged Toilets

People should realize (but often do not!) is that toilets are designed for human waste and TP, period.  What might be helpful in guiding guests to using the toilets as intended is to have plenty of extra TP on hand.  Also, if you have a small trashcan with a lid in the bathroom guests may remember to put anything that is not TP in this container.

While it sounds good to have personal or hand wipes in the bathroom, they can end up in the toilet and cause a clog, so we suggest against having them.  We would like to think that no one will put non suitable items in the toilet but we can’t police behind closed doors.

We’ve seen  many items from drug and grocery stores that say they are flushable, are in fact not, and can clog drain lines.  If your toilet becomes clogged, your Holiday will be the worse for it so it’s important to take steps to try and stay ahead of this.  Make sure you have a plunger on hand in the event you do get a clog.