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Clogged Laundry Drain

Weekend relatives and guests will likely increase your laundry load.  So be prepared before they arrive and make sure the laundry tub and drain are empty, ahead of time.  Also make sure a strainer is covering the drain hole.  We cannot stress enough the importance of strainers covering all the drains in your home.

They are inexpensive and can be found at every hardware store in all sizes that you need.  In a pinch you can get an old piece of panty hose which can be cut and secured by a tie to the hose that empties water from the washing machine.  This will stop the lint from getting into the drain line.

We get many calls for clogged basement floor drains and laundry tubs because the lint from laundry clogs the drain line.  When this happens it can lead to a whole house stoppage which is a disaster for all involved.   Everything stops, the toilets, cooking preparation, showers and laundry.  If you suffer this type of clog call your licensed plumber immediately.