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Drain Cleaning

The majority of calls to a plumber come from slow or clogged drains.  Some are minor clogs in the tub or shower and kitchen sink clogs. Others are whole house clogs where the main sewer line is clogged causing all the drains in the home to back up.

Here are few tips to help prevent slow or clogged drains:

  1. Buy & install drain covers for all drains. Hair and debris in drains are the number one cause of slow drains.
  2. Do not put grease or oil in drains or the toilet. Let grease cool and put it into a container for disposal in the garbage can
  3. Do not forget to stock up on TP.  Some clogs are caused by tissues or paper towels that were used when the homeowner ran out of TP.  Tissues and paper towels are made to hold up when wet so when they go down the toilet they can cause a back up. Do not flush feminine, personal or baby wipes…they may say they are flushable but in reality they are not.
  4. About children…it seems the smaller the bottom the more clogs the homeowner has to deal with.  Wads of TP flushed when not fully saturated by water cause many a problem  as well as toys, shampoo lids, fish tank gravel…  kids are fascinated by toilets and drains.  Try to educate your spouse and children of all ages about the tips listed above.

Going against the tips above may not cause a problem immediately but eventually it will. Grease, soap scum, hair and debris stick to the insides of the pipe causing it to narrow over time and eventually it becomes too narrow to handle what it used to.

The Scottish Plumber offers not only prevention tips but also an environmentally friendly product called BIO-CLEAN which helps prevent clogs by cleaning grease and debris from the line naturally.  It is a safe natural bacterium which eats grease, soap scum and debris returning the pipe to its original diameter. This product is a powder and is mixed with water and poured into the drain monthly.  It works wonders on slow drains, smelly drains and much more.  People around the country spend literally millions on harsh & dangerous chemicals that don’t solve their plumbing problems and do harm their pipes.  BIO-CLEAN removes the cause of the problems and does it in a safe and effective manner that is also good for you, your pipes and the environment.

We are here to serve our Elmhurst customers and hope you don’t have drain problems but if you do we are available 24/7 ; CALL (630) 984-6214